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At Loving Haiti One Child at a Time, we like to use every opportunity we have to uplift the Haitian community. We take part in several events and craft shows every year where we display and sell Haitian made metal art which we purchase directly from artisans in Croix- des- Bouquets. This helps to support the local economy and provide sustainable income for the artists. Our organization is committed to improving the lives of children in Haiti through education, healthcare, and community development projects. We believe that every child deserves a chance to reach their full potential and we work towards making that a reality for children in Haiti.

Loving Haiti, One Child at a Time is a 501c3 non profit that was founded in 2014. We are physically located in Mechanicsville, VA. however, we are fortunate to spend time with our Haitian friends in the Port-au-Prince area several times a year. 

1 John 4: 19  We love because He first loved us.


  • Latrines – built latrine structures in the mountainous town of Seguin

  • Water – provided running water at the Divine Family Orphanage; installed pump, water tanks and pipe lines

  • School – provided manual labor to assist with building of a school in the La Mar Frappe community. In September 2017, one hundred seventy plus children started school for the first time.

  • Various other construction projects such as building bunk beds and painting to meet needs and requests of our Haitian brothers and sisters.



  • Medical Clinics – medical care is provided quarterly to the community of La Mer Frappee.  We provide medicines, supplies and education. We hire Haitian staff to work with us.

  • Medical Supplies – donated to the local hospital regularly 

  • Medicines – provided for kids as needed in orphanages


  • Beach – annual beach trips with the children to Wahoo Bay

  • Fun – various fun outings to playground, pizza parlors and carnival. We spend afternoons flying kites, playing board games, building puzzles, polishing nails, singing, doing crafts, taking pictures and laughing.

  • Supplies – annually provide school backpacks and supplies for the children at Divine Family orphanage



  • To support the Haitian economy, we strive to partner with local Haitian organizations and utilize Haitians for their many astute skills including interpretation, construction laborers, transportation drivers, and physicians. 

Promote Haiti's Beauty

  • Traveling throughout Haiti and immersing ourselves into the Haitian culture is important. Acknowledging Haiti’s beauty via travel through the lush countryside, mountains and beaches.

  • Artisans – shopping and buying directly from local Haitian artist

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